The day the world stood still

or at least paused for a second

People have often asked me, well 1 person once asked me, although there's a strong possibility they really just wanted to know when the Number 27 to Brighton Marina was next due, anyway people have often asked me how the idea for the Middle Class Wrapper 1st came about. Well it was last March as I was trying to clean these rude "daubings" off my people carrier that the thought came to me.


Not that....


1) We should start putting people in the stocks for petty crimes like not paying your TV license or tagging someone's people carrier.


2)  We should bring back compulsory Military service for anyone aged 11 or above


No those ideas, although clearly have genuine merit even though my local MP doesn't seem to agree, no I thought how can I possibly reach out to these hooligans who when probably high on methylated spirts thought that assaulting my car was a good use of their spare time. I need to reach out to this current lost generation in the only language they understand,the language of the street or in my case the language of the surburban crescent.

That day The Middle Class Wrapper was born...  I also wore the knees out of  a thoroughly good pair of work trousers.

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